Bc. Lucie Sedláčková

Lucie Sedlackova

I have 15 years of experience in Executive Search and Recruitment, a wide network of contacts and resources. Knowledge of methods and tools of modern Recruitment and Sourcing. I was given a strong intuition and a sense of communication. I like creating new opportunities, helping people and doing business fairly. My work must always make sense and bring high added value. I’m bored of doing average things and I like to bring novel solutions. The key to my success is resilience, honesty and high quality of work.

I studied Social Pedagogy and Professional Counseling at Masaryk University in Brno. My entire professional career has been devoted to Recruitment in the field of industry. Since 2009 I have been doing business independently.

My passion for life is my children and family, hurdle-race, fight sports and yoga. I try to follow my dreams. Because as long as we dream, we live. My credo is: “If you want more, go for it. Courageously and humbly.”


Tereza Nechvílová

I joined Recruitment and External Recruitment in 2013 and gained experience in international and Czech recruitment agencies. I focus mostly on the areas of Engineering, Sales and Management. Over the past two years, I have expanded my experience in Information Technology. I have experience with filling positions: programmers, developers, administrators, architects, SAP developers, SAP consultants and SAP administrators, SCRUM, database specialists and positions for web, mobile and desktop applications and more. I implemented recruitment projects for companies from small start-ups to international corporations.

The quality of work done, trust and openness are and has always been a priority for me. That’s why I work as a freelancer, as a partner and Headhunter Fenix Search, where my values are a priority. Headhunting is a specific work, focused on details and constant small, consecutive, partial steps that lead to a successful solution to the customer’s needs. Custom recruitment is a specific long-term process that brings me constant personal development, learning, response to change and innovation. The reward for the high demands and dynamics of Recruitment is my opportunity to present myself with prestigious contracts / exclusive projects. I build my work on longevity, obtaining accurate information, building networking and a personal approach.

If you like my values, I will be happy to meet you for consulting your recruitment needs.

My life’s passion is travel, yoga, sauna, great food, friends and a fresh approach to life.




Our Mission

Our mission is to connect exceptional employers and candidates in the industrial world. At the same time, my work is a manifest for improving the quality of Recruitment and Executive Search services in terms of professionalism, respect, communication and trust.


  • Trust.
  • Respect.
  • Professionalism.
  • Quality.
  • Open and Partner Communication.


We would like our company to become a reputable in the category of filling managerial, specialized and hard-to-fill jobs. Bring the companies always the best fitting solution for the candidate choice. To open up new opportunities for people to grow professionally and personally so that their work can be fulfilled.


  • January 2019


    Business name was changed to FENIX SEARCH Ltd. Focusing on Executive Search / Headhunting, hard-to-fill, highly specialized and TOP management positions. Company reduction and its rebranding.

  • November 2018

    TOP10 company of the city of Brno

    Defending the TOP10 title of the South Moravian Region competition for the most successful small and medium-sized company of the Brno City realized by the Regional Chamber of Commerce Brno.

  • November 2017

    TOP10 company of the city of Brno

    Winning the TOP10 title of the South Moravian Region competition for the most successful small and medium-sized company of the City of Brno realized by the Regional Chamber of Commerce Brno.

  • September 2015

    Foundation of FENIX PERSONAL s.r.o.

    Establishment of Ltd. was a result of successes and excessive orders in the field of recruitment for industrial companies in the South Moravian Region. The group of FENIX team started to build, up to 6 members in year 2018.

  • October 2012

    Foundation Fenix - recruitment agency

    Obtaining a permit for mediation of employees for the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and trade licence. Filling positions of workers in the industry to the TOP management positions.

  • January 2009

    Establishment of trade business.

  • September 2005

    Start of career in Recuritment

    I started my Recruitment career in a recruitment agency as a Personnel Consultant and then a Branch Manager. At ManMark Economy, Ltd. and The Source Network, Ltd.


Shelter for women and mothers with children in distress Opatovice

Shelter for women and mothers with children in distress Opatovice

The shelter provides accommodation and support for women and mothers with children who have been victims of domestic violence, crime or in a critical life situation.
Occasionally, FENIX SEARCH helps with financial donations or donations of children’s clothing and supplies. Traditionally and annually, in mid-January, FENIX provides a “post-Christmas” food purchase, hygiene and other needs to all clients of the house and their children. The “post-christmas” purchase because mothers are exhausted after Christmas and have not received social benefits yet. And so January is the time when mothers and children suffer from fresh food and other needs.

Slavkov Protection Society

Slavkov Protection Society

The association realizes nature and landscape protection mainly in the area of Slavkov u Brna and the South Moravian Region. FENIX participates in discussions, lectures, exhibitions and events aimed at nature protection.


Sharane s.r.o.

Sharane s.r.o.

Company and verified partner specialized in analysis and setting for internal personal strategy companies, personal processes, HR administration and legislation. Together we are able to cover all costumer needs not only in area of extern recruitment also processes such as internal personal processes.

Jiří Salik Sláma

Jiří Salik Sláma

Professional photographer, winner of the Czech Press Photo award. FENIX SEARCH candidates create quality portrait photos for their professional presentation or CV. It also implements business photography for companies.
INC Consulting spol. s r.o.

INC Consulting spol. s r.o.

An educational and consulting company active in corporate and sales strategy, human resources and organisational behaviour. A renowned and established partner with whom we conduct corporate education, performance management, staff audit and, above all, psychological diagnostics with customers.
FENIX STYLE - stylistic advice

FENIX STYLE – stylistic advice

Fashion and stylistic advices for candidates / customers as well as FENIX, but also for the general public. Personal stylist Veronika Kratochakova will advise on how to dress for a job interview, how to properly combine clothes, how to find your style, or accompany you when shopping. Division FENIX SEARCH Ltd.