Association of personal service providers

On January 1, 2019 FENIX SEARCH became a full member of the Association of HR Providers.
The purpose of membership is to be a part of the conditions creating process for successful development of a stable labor market in the Czech Republic.

By accepting the membership, I have accepted and committed to the APPS Code of Ethics.

APPS is an active interest association of legal entities providing personnel services. The Association was founded in 2002 and today it associates 35 employment agencies and recruitment agencies in the Czech Republic.

APPS is a member of the European and International Association of Employment Agencies


FENIX SEARCH participates in the Meeting of Members and the General Assembly of the Association, it is part of the Recruitment Working Group.

5.11.2019 I attended the annual conference “The future is in diversity”. Many experienced experts from the field of equal opportunities, Recruitment, legislation and agency employment spoke.