Alcomex Springs s.r.o.

Development and production of industrial springs.

We are working with FENIX SEARCH to recruit new collaborators from 2016. I would like to highlight the cooperation on a successful project in expanding our company in 2019. We decided to build a new manufacturing division in Romania and needed to seek out the best general manager for the separate management of Alcomex’s division in Romania. The selection process was fully directed by Mrs Sedláček. Romania was the territory of candidate selection. Ms Sedláčková was very quick to get her bearings on the site, the state of the industry and the situation in the labour market. She headhunted enough interesting candidates for us to meet our demands. The 1st and 2nd rounds of competitions were conducted in the form of a video-call. We also took advantage of psychological testing of candidates (also online and in the candidates’ native language – Romanian). This has helped us greatly to identify the weaknesses and strengths of individual candidates and compare their competencies with each other. 3 best ka have reached the narrowest round of the competition.

We will be happy to cooperate with FENIX SEARCH again in filling managerial positions.

Pavel Piskac, Operations Director