KOMPAN Czech Republic s.r.o.

The world’s largest manufacturer of gaming sports venues and facilities.

FENIX SEARCH and Ms Lucie Sedláček have been working with our company since 2012. Especially in specific, hard-to-fill positions. Given the close, long-term cooperation, we can fine-tune precise requirements very quickly, and candidates are often already very good at meeting our expectations in initial selection.

Most of the positions occupied are from management, manufacturing and manufacturing support departments, such as Operations Manager, Production Manager, Technical Manager, Production Supervisor, Project Manager and others.

All communication is smoothly, Mrs. Sedláčková’s approach is absolutely professional and the candidates for interviews come very motivated and ready. Selected candidates are stable, loyal.

Thanks to personal attitude and professionalism, cooperation is so great benefit to our society. We are currently working on another 3 interesting positions and believe we will fill them again early and well.

Geryková Hana, HR Manager