Huhtamaki Czech Republic, a.s.

Production of intake cartonage.

With the staff agency FENIX PERSONAL s.r.o., our company Huhtamaki Czech Republic, a.s. has been working together in the search for middle management and technical positions since August 2016. Although we approached several other staffing agencies to demand that jobs be secured, Fenix Personal’s offer was relevant compared to others, the candidates were vetted and joined our firm at the end. The collaboration with all staff of the staff agency FENIX PERSONAL s.r.o. is exemplary, serious, as well as enjoyable and correct. We also appreciate Fenix Personal’s interest in our company, manufacturing, systems settings, and plans for the future, which they subsequently pass on to candidates who are already entering our company with a very well-informed knowledge. We also want to work with this agency in the future, when the recruitment requirements will be even greater because of the expansion of our society.

Martina Stasiaková, personal director, Huhtamaki Czech Republic, Ltd.

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