VAG s.r.o.

Manufacturer of industrial fittings.

We first approached the staff agency Fenix Personal in 2016, when we were looking for a suitable candidate for the rather highly specialized position of SAP ABAP programmer. The agency’s managing director, Ms Bc, also participated in the opening meeting, where we discussed the requirements for the position and the overall picture. Lucie Sedláčková, the whole other recruiting process was then dealt with with by Mrs Bc. Tereza Nechvílová. Although the claims for this position were high, we received CV of the first possible candidates fairly soon after the start of cooperation, which other agencies we had worked with previously failed to do. Based on the company’s internal decision, the position was ultimately not filled, BC. Instant, however, has presented us with a number of quality and interesting candidates. Thanks to this positive experience, we also approached Fenix Personal when the selection process for the Sales Director position was announced. As this is a management position, we have decided to follow the Executive Search route. At this point, we must appreciate a very good knowledge of the conditions in the regional labour market, a broad database of candidates, a highly professional job and an excellent level of communication. As the management of our company is based in Germany, hence in the US, much of the interviews take place in the English language. Thanks to a fast and proactive approach, Sales Director’s position was filled within two months, which we consider a great success.

If we are looking for new employees in our team in the future, we will definitely contact Fenix ​​Personal again and use its quality services.

Růžičková Lucie, HR manager