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Dear Mrs. Sedláčková, I greatly appreciate your approach and helpfulness. This is a huge challenge for me, believe that I will not disgrace you. I fully realize that you are in a position that, when selecting a candidate, must have some information about him, on the basis of which you recommend this person. You must have a huge sense of smell on people and the art of reading them. Not everyone has this gift. You are a pro in your place, helping people and I believe that many do not even realize how much. You are another example of life for me, I learn from everyone and especially from you, you have enriched me and I know that I will continue to use your style of communication, help and helpfulness in my professional and personal life. ”

D.A., director of the non-profit organization DOTYK II, o.p.s.

“Cooperation with you, Mrs Koláčková was very professional. All the information i got right away withnout any hiden details about the position. Comunication from you side was accurate and quick, with pleasant approach and effort to finish the whole process of getting the job. I definitely recommend cooperating with you.

Mr K., Pre- painting/painting specialist for cars, DI Industrial Ltd.

I am very glad that I can contribute and positively evaluate the work of your recruitment agency.
I have to emphasize your professional approach to job placement. At our meeting you were able to answer not only all my questions about the applicant’s requirements, but also to help with friendly aproach. From your speech you could feel the effort and the taste to find the right and the right job. Although I was not selected for your recommendation, you were the only one who responded meaningfully to why I was not a suitable candidate. I immediately realized that the failure may not be due to age, appropriate education or lack of knowledge, but only the uncertainty of the employer about my future.

I wish you a lot of success and the most satisfied and grateful candidates
Mr N., job applicant