Candidate Services

Candidates when they are cooperating with us mostly appreciate an honest and trustworthy human and my professional approach.
Make sure you are changing work with high honor and refinement,the same way as if it was with gentlemen.


  • 15 years of experience in Executive Search and Recruitment
  • TOP10 Business of the South Moravian Region in 2017 and 2018
  • Industry competence , knowledge & orientation
  • Demonstrable achievements in top management and very hard to fill specific jobs
  • We honor the highest principles of ethics, trust and professionalism


  • If you are an industry manager or specialist
  • If you expect or are in a situation of necessary career change
  • Desire for career change or growth
  • Your industry expertise is so specific that it’s hard to find a suitable job offer on your ad servers
  • Want to explore the opportunities of the market and your own career options
  • We only work with reputable and proven companies in the industry
  • The employment placement service is provided free


    • Czech Republic and European Union countries, worldwide


    • We bring you an opportunity for change , professional growth and personal satisfaction for you and your loved ones
    • Save your time and effort . Thanks to many years of experience, I have a wide network of contacts with whom we are happy to connect you
    • We treat all candidates with respect and understanding. Expect our maximum support and aftercare in the selection process
    • Of course, keep registered candidates up-to-date job offers

    Securing a new job

    “Want and go for more in your life.”

    Make the most out of your potential. Extend your reach to a higher level of expertise or company structure. Leave your comfort zone and take risks. This is the only way to maximize your potential and leave a footprint.

    We will deliver such opportunities to you.

    We will guide you through the selection process, which can often take months. We assure you maximum of informations, confidentiality and highly professional approach.

    We can show you that the interview does not have to be tense and plain. But it can be a nice experience in a nice place with a good coffee. And still highly efficient and beneficial.

    We provide permanent job updates to registered candidates.

    It will be an honor to help you make a positive change in your life.

    Career counseling and coaching

    Thanks to many years of experience in recruitment, hundreds of personal interviews, study of issues and cooperation with professional partners, we are able to find answers to the following topics:

    Analysis of working conditions and opportunities in your segment of activity (including pay levels).

    Preparing your CV and cover letter.

    Recommendation and practice of job interview and self-presentation.

    Optimize and set up your social presentation.

    Analyze and guide your career potential through psychodiagnostic testing and analysis.

    Fashion and stylistic advices.

    Consultation price: 1100, – CZK / hour

    and professional testing

    If you share the opinion that the process of self-development and knowledge never ends, we offer a wide range of possibilities for this purpose.

    Together or with my contractors, we are able to detect or verify your:

    • Competences, potential and prerequisites for the selected job and industry
    • Performance and personality potential
    • Managerial prerequisites and potential
    • Expertise (engineering, quality, finance, etc.)
    • Language testing (any foreign language)

      The forms of testing are individual, according to need and focus. The tests are completed face to face or online. They are done by personal consultation with a psychologist or assessment center.

      The goal is to interpret the results and use them for your further professional direction.

      The development of the testing method is preceded by an individual consultation with me or other experts and mutual agreement on the range, form and cost of testing. The cost of this service varies and depends on the range and type of the test method, and cannot be fixed here.

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